Saint George

Jorge is a former boxer who's drowning in debt, and fears he will consequently lose his beloved wife and son. But it's almost impossible to find work in a Portugal beset by economic crisis. Desperate, Jorge takes the job of debt-collector, which will lead him to the path of crime and violence. Directed by Portuguese Marco Martins (Alice, How to Draw a Perfect Circle), the drama was a winner at this year's Venice IFF in the Horizons section.
Director: Marco Martins
Screenplay: Marco Martins, Ricardo Adolfo
Director of Photography: Carlos Lopes
Editor: Mariana Gaivão
Music: Nuno Malo, Rafael Toral, Hugo Leitão
Producer: Maria João Mayer, Francois D’Artemare
Sales: Pascale Ramonda
Original title: São Jorge
Country: France, Portugal
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 112
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Panorama
Sponsors: l’Institut français de Prague

With support

l’Institut français de Prague

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