Kevin is a teenager just released from a youth detention center and his aunt offers him a chance to start anew in the family construction company. Kevin spends his free time with his cousin and friend, John. Together, they try to find their places in the sun in the adult world, but it refuses to accept them. A scathingly realistic story about growing up full of anger and lack of understanding, directed by the renowned Belgian director Fien Troch.
Director: Fien Troch
Screenplay: Fien Troch, Nico Leunen
Director of Photography: Frank van den Eeden
Editor: Nico Leunen
Music: Johnny Jewel
Producer: Antonino Lombardo
Sales: Doc & Film International
Original title: Home
Country: Belgium
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 103
Language: Dutch, Flemish
Subtitles: Czech
Section: Panorama
Sponsors: Belgické velvyslanectví - Vlámské zastoupení

With support

Belgické velvyslanectví - Vlámské zastoupení

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