Jury and prizes


The jury members are selected by festival president Fero Fenič. The jury comprises 33 film fans and is headed by honorary chairman Michael Kocáb; in the past this role was taken by Dana Morávková, Jan Saudek, Marta Kubišová, Jan Kaplický, Věra Čáslavská, Dagmar Havlová, Juraj Herz, David Černý, Miroslav Ondříček and Theodor Pištěk.

The chosen jurors commit to attending the jury meeting one week before the festival and the screenings of six films, which they rate, during festival days. The winning film receives a cash prize of 3,000 EUR. The jury’s honorary chair presents the prize to the winner at the festival’s closing ceremony.

Anybody over the age of 15, regardless of their education, profession or background, can become a juror. Jurors acquire the “Jury“ accreditation, an invitation to the festival’s closing ceremony and a chance to see behind the scenes of a film festival. Jurors are not entitled to accommodation, reimbursement of travel costs, lost earnings or other fees.


This year, the Main Competition winner will again be selected by a three-member expert jury.

Last year, Slovak director Ivan Ostrochovský won the first edition of the competition with a jury consisting of filmmakers, with his visually captivating 2020 drama Servants (which he will present at this year’s Febiofest), where he will also judge seven new films by foreign directors.

The winner will be also decided on by Jiří Mádl, well-known Czech actor, who has proven his skills as director and screenwriter in To See the Sea (2014) and On the Roof (2019).

The Czech-Slovak duo will be complemented by Mahnaz Mohammadi. The Iranian director and women’s rights activist made her first film about homeless women living in a shelter. The film Son-Mother (2019) won several awards at international festivals. Her Travelogue documentary was also highly discussed, and she was not allowed to leave the country after its premiere. She has been imprisoned several times for her anti-regime activism.

Amnesty International Febiofest Award 2021 – Jury

The winner will be selected by the jury composed of cellist Terezie Vodička Kovalová, film director Vít Klusák and head of Amnesty International Czech Republic's Human Rights Education Division, Jiří Bejček.

Vít Klusák

Film director and producer. In 2003, he and Filip Remunda founded the documentary film production company Hypermarket Film. Throughout his career, Klusák has constantly attacked the points of friction between creative work and society. Klusák’s first film together with Filip Remunda, the documentary comedy Czech Dream (2004), was shown on 24 TV stations all over the world and received several awards at international festivals. His film about a US radar in the Czech Republic Czech Peace (2010) had its world premiere at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival, and his documentary-grotesque feature All for the Good of the World and Nosovice! (2010) won the Czech Film Critics Award for Best Documentary. He made waves with his sharp portrait of Czech oligarch (and current prime minister) Andrej Babiš – Matrix AB (2015), and again with his film about child sexual abuse on the internet Caught in the Net (2020), which won him the Czech Lion for Best Documentary.

Terezie Vodička Kovalová

Music educator, singer, model, and above all, a fantastic cellist who has toured around the world. Terezie successfully crosses the lines between musical styles and genres, from classical to alternative, indie pop and rock, all the way to hip hop. She has collaborated on over fifty albums and regularly performs with musicians such as Vladivojna La Chia, Lenny, Paulie Garand, Vladimír Mišík, Boris Carloff or the multimedia project Vivaldianno. She and Adam Vopička also have a band called Calm Season. She is currently working on her first solo album.

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