Tickets for each projection for 99 CZK


Tickets for individual screenings: 99 CZK

Tickets and festival passes in Prague 

Tickets for Charity Partnership screenings: 139 CZK 

Tickets of Charity Partnership are not available online. You can buy the tickets only at the cashdask of Information stand of Febiofest at CineStar Anděl. 
By purchasing a ticket for screenings marked Charity Partnership Screening you contribute the amount of CZK 40 to the NaFilm National Film Museum, which opened to the public on 15 January.

Tickets for Culinary Cinema screenings: 1190 CZK 


For the 26th edition of our festival we have prepared festival passes for film fans. People can choose from three types of festival pass: three-day, five-day and nine-day (meaning for the entire festival in Prague). Festival passes iclude screenings at CineStar Anděl, Černý Most, cinema NFA Ponrepo. 

Festival passes are available from noon 7 March. 

Online pre-sale has started on 8 March. 

Festival passes are valid in CineStar and cinema Ponrepo. Festival pass is not valid for the cinema of the Municipal Library of Prague. 

Please check the FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Why is it necessary to register or sign up before purchasing a festival pass?

By registering or signing up at the website you create your own Your account where free tickets to screenings are automatically made available. With a festival pass you will be able to select tickets at noon on 8 March.


What is the validity of the festival pass?

Depending on the type of festival pass you buy, a 3-day, 5-day or 9-day pass, you can draw free tickets for any three, five or nine days of the Prague festival.

Where can I use a festival pass?
  • At the CineStar Praha – Anděl multiplex, Radlická 3179/1E, Prague 5
  • At the CineStar Praha – Černý Most multiplex, Chlumecká 756/6, Prague 9
  • V kině NFA Ponrepo, Bartolomějská 291/11, Praha 1
  • At selected Prague music clubs, restaurants, theatres, museums etc. within the OFF programme

You need to have the festival pass with you physically. It is not valid at the cinema of Municipal Libary of Prague.

May I acquire tickets on a festival pass that I have not yet picked up?

Yes. Purchasing a festival pass online automatically activates it. You do not need to physically pick up the festival pass in order to obtain free tickets from your account. Ticket selection for festival pass holders begins at noon on 8th March on the festival website.

Is the festival pass only electronic or do I receive it in physical form?

You can enjoy the benefits of a festival pass online before picking it up. You receive three tickets in your account for each day that your festival pass is valid. You can obtain them any time from 8th March. From that date you can also physically pick up your festival pass at CineStar Praha – Anděl. To pick up the festival pass you need to bring a printout of the electronic voucher you received on purchasing the festival pass or the number of the festival pass and to undergo a check of your registration information.

Festival pass usage

Where can I pick up my festival pass?

You can pick your festival pass up at CineStar Praha – Anděl:
7 – 20 March 2019 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm
21 – 29 March 2019 10:00 am – 10:00 pm (weekdays)
9:00 am – 10:00 pm (weekend)
To pick up the festival pass you need to bring a printout of the electronic voucher you received on purchasing the festival pass or the number of the festival pass and to undergo a check of your registration information.

Is a festival pass transferable?

All festival passes are non-transferable. Each festival pass has to be linked to a single account. If you purchase multiple festival passes, you need to create a new account for each one.

Where can I purchase a festival pass?

Festival passes can be purchased online now at our website. From 8th March they will be on sale directly at CineStar Praha – Anděl at infostand of the festival.

Is it necessary to reserve or select festival pass free tickets?

In itself a festival pass does not guarantee a place at any festival screening. A festival pass allows you to select up to three tickets every day that the pass is valid. You can use a maximum of two tickets per one screening from your daily limit of three tickets.

No more than two tickets can be acquired per film/screening.

How do I apply a discount voucher for the Culinary Cinema?

In the case of 5- and 9-day passes you can enjoy a CZK 200 discount on Culinary Cinema tickets.  When you buy a pass it automatically comes with an electronic voucher. On it you will find a discount code that can be entered when you make online purchases of Culinary Cinema tickets; this reduces the price by CZK 200.

What is technical support contact?

With technical queries please contact the customer hotline on telephone number +420 277 012 677 or email

Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat – Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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