Božidara Turzonovová

Božidara Turzonovová  photo

Božidara Turzonovová was born in Sofia. As a child, she attended drama class, acted in a children’s radio ensemble, and played the piano. Having finished high school in Staré město, she successfully graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 1963. She then joined the Slovak National Theatre, where she still acts. She is currently a guest actor in the Ján Palarík Theatre in Trnava and works in radio, film, dubbing and as an acting coach. She is an actress with a remarkable range who took on numerous theatre and film acting roles and received a number of prestigious acting awards.

At the 28th Prague IFF – Febiofest, Božidara Turzonovová will be the recipient of the Kristián award. Film Section Profile: Božidara Turzonovová will show an atypical Czech sci-fi film Operation Bororo featuring the actress as a secret agent, as well as Divine Ema, a legendary film directed by Jiří Krejčík, with Turzonovová excelling in the starring role as the opera singer Ema Destinová.