Operation Bororo

Operation Bororo

Original title: Akce Bororo
Director: Otakar Fuka
Cast: Božidara Turzonovová, Svatopluk Matyáš, Vlastimil Brodský, Zita Kabátová, Otakar Brousek
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year of production: 1972
Length (min): 92
Language: Czech
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Sales: Národní Filmový Archiv
Section: Profile: Božidara Turzonovová

Admission free for seniors over 60. The free ticket must be picked up at the cinema box office. ENGLISH UNFRIENDLY  

This atypical Czech sci-fi is a refreshing break from cinema during the normalization period. In it, an alien civilization fights for its survival through a secret agent (Božidara Turzonovová) against the backdrop of an encounter between two beings. It can be seen as a parable, but it can also be a purely intimate narrative. The film combines several nerdy themes but tells a mature story. By working with low genre in favor of exploring the human mind and emotions, Operation Bororo is no match for other artistic science fiction of its time.

Otakar Fuka

Screenwriter and director Otakar Fuka can be seen as a typical craftsman of the seventies and eighties - his genius was to provide competent entertainment or thrill the public. But his early work Operation Bororo represents his most challenging and expressive work, revealing his strong artistic ambitions.

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