The Rider


The Rider

Original title: The Rider
Director: Chloé Zhao
Screenplay: Chloé Zhao
Director of Photography: Joshua James Richards
Editor: Alex O’Flinn
Music: Nathan Halpern
Print source: Falcon a.s.
Country: USA
Year of production: 2017
Length (min): 104
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Falcon a.s.
Section: Made in USA
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Spojených států amerických

Brady was an upcoming rodeo star. After an almost deadly head injury, his dreams of a successful career suddenly disappear and upon his release from hospital, Brady faces a crucial decision. What will he do with his life? Chloé Zhao's lyrical first feature describes the story of finding one's identity not only in terms of a single character. She also tries to answer the question of what it means to be a man in today's world.

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Velvyslanectví Spojených států amerických

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