Summer Nights


Summer Nights

Original title: Les nuits d'été
Director: Mario Fanfani
Screenplay: Mario Fanfani, Gaëlle Macé, Philippe Mangeot
Director of Photography: George Lechaptois
Editor: François Quiqueré
Music: Rodolphe Burger
Print source: Le Pacte
Country: France
Year of production: 2014
Length (min): 104
Language: French
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: Le Pacte
Section: Jiný břeh
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: l’Institut français de Prague

France, 1959. Michel is a respected solicitor, who loves his wife and family. He also loves cross-dressing and often secretly visits his weekend house in Vosges forest. Here, Michel escapes the reality of war and politics by becoming Mylène.

With support

l’Institut français de Prague

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