A hot summer day in a rural Argentinian village and the long-awaited storm is finally approaching. Two adolescent sisters are left to their own devices, exploring their burgeoning sexualities. Elena is attracted to doctor Ignacio, and Lucia to her quiet friend Ana.
Director: Inés María Barrionuevo
Screenplay: Inés María Barrionuevo
Director of Photography: Ezequiel Salinas
Editor: Rosario Suárez
Producer: Paola Suarez
Sales: Media Luna New Films
Print source: Media Luna New Films
Original title: Atlántida
Country: Argentina, France
Year of production: 2014
Length (min): 88
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Jiný břeh
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Instituto Cervantes de Praga

With support

Instituto Cervantes de Praga

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