Picture Suk Suk

Suk Suk

Original title: Suk Suk
Director: Ray Yeung
Cast: Tai-Bo, Ben Yuen, Patra Au
Country: Hong Kong SAR China
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 92
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English, Czech
Sales: Films Boutique
Section: Queer Now, Amnesty International Febiofest Award

Pak, a Hong Kong taxi driver, doesn't want to retire – one of the reasons being that his job gives him freedom. For example to try cruising in a park where he meets a man of a similar age, Hoi. Both men are grandfathers firmly embedded in their family structures, and they must carefully hide their sexuality. The random meeting grows from sex to a deep romance of their twilight years. But the price of a coming-out would be too high for both in this bittersweet, enchanting film with a star cast.

Ray Yeung

A lawyer by profession who also graduated in media studies. Since 2000, he has worked as the chairman of the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. This acclaimed producer and director of theatre plays debuted with the feature film Front Cover in 2015. His second film Suk Suk had the European premiere at this year's Berlin IFF after succeeding in Busan.

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