The Blonde One

The Blonde One

Original title: Un rubio
Director: Marco Berger
Cast: Gaston Re, Alfonso Barón, Malena Irusta, Ailín Salas
Country: Argentina
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 118
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, Czech
Sales: Wildstar Sales Ltd
Section: Queer Now
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Argentinské republiky, Instituto Cervantes

Blond Gabriel has just become roommates with his work colleague, Juan. The shy and quiet Gabo spends most of his free time at home, so he is well aware of the women who leave Juan's room. However, the charismatic hunk Juan still attracts him, and it seems it might be reciprocal. This intimate insight into the everyday reality of a passionate affair from the suburbs of Buenos Aires is the latest film by a regular on the queer festival scene, Marco Berger.

Marco Berger

The Buenos Aires native is a well-established director of queer cinema. He debuted in 2009 with the drama Plan B, his Absent won the prestigious Teddy Award at Berlinale 2011. His other films such as Hawaii, Mariposa and Taekwondo also resonated on the international festival scene. Berger's latest film The Blonde One is his fourth film presented at PIFF – Febiofest.

With support

Velvyslanectví Argentinské republiky
Instituto Cervantes

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