Cook F**k Kill

Cook F**k Kill

Original title: Žaby bez jazyka
Director: Mira Fornay
Cast: Jaroslav Plesl, Regina Rázlová, Petra Fornayová, Jazmína Cigáneková
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 116
Language: Slovak, Czech
Sales: Cinemart
Section: Eastern Delights, Girls in Film, Amnesty International Febiofest Award
Sponsors: Slovenský inštitút v Prahe

Jaroslav K. seems to be a good son, father, and a decent husband. In reality, he is pathologically jealous of his beautiful wife Blanka, and his biggest nightmare is that she and their three kids might leave him one day. Jaroslav K. and his family do not shy away from violence and cheating, which eventually results in a tragedy. This drama about one strange family, scheming, and Jaroslav's efforts to have his way utilizes computer games aesthetics.

Mira Fornay

The Slovak director graduated from the Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and her graduation film Small Untold Things was successful at many international festivals. Her feature debut Foxes was introduced at Venice IFF and her second feature My Dog Killer won at Rotterdam IFF. Her third film Cook F**k Kill premiered at Tallinn IFF and Rotterdam IFF.

With support

Slovenský inštitút v Prahe

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