Original title: Oroslan
Director: Matijaž Ivanišin
Cast: Dejan Spasić
Country: Slovenia, Czech Republic
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 72
Language: Slovenian, Hungarian
Sales: I/o post
Section: Eastern Delights

When a man named Oroslan dies in a small village, the sad news spreads quickly. In an effort to overcome grief and restore the ordinary course of life, Oroslan's close ones share their memories of the man they used to know. And before long, the stories turn into legends. This sensitive drama shows that everybody can become a story. This multi-genre film walks the line between a documentary and live action, between autobiography and fiction, reminding the viewers that neither the director nor the film should be trusted blindly.

Matijaž Ivanišin

The Slovenian director and screenwriter graduated from an art college in Ljubljana and has worked as an independent filmmaker since 2007. His student film, Quick View, earned him several awards not only in Slovenia, but also at international festivals, and his feature documentary debut won the France Brenk Award. Drama Oroslan is his first feature film.

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