Original title: Holiday
Director: Isabella Eklöf
Cast: Victoria Carmen Sonne, Lai Yde, Thijs Römer, Yuval Segal, Laura Kjær, Morten Hemmingsen, Adam Ild Rohweder, Ergun Kuyucu, Michiel de Jong, Bo Brønnum
Country: Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Türkiye
Year of production: 2018
Length (min): 93
Language: Danish, English
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: Heretic Outreach
Section: New Europe
Sponsors: Dánské velvyslanectví

A Danish gangster and his beautiful girlfriend Sascha are spending their summer holiday on the Turkish Riviera. Days full of sun, virgin beaches and turquoise sea gradually acquire darker undertones. Sascha is trapped by the wealth and luxury, but the price she has to pay is too high. The first film by Danish director Isabella Eklöf is a clinical study of explicit violence and humiliation committed by men against women.

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