The Waiter

Original title: The Waiter
Director: Steve Krikris
Cast: Aris Servetalis, Yiannis Stankoglou, Chiara Gensini, Alexandros Mavropoulos, Andonis Miriagos, Maria Kallimani, Yiorgos Glastras
Country: Greece
Year of production: 2018
Length (min): 95
Language: Greek
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: TVCO
Section: New Europe

Renos is a professional waiter of the old school, and he anxiously upholds all his daily rituals. Only a solitary life planned to the tiniest detail can save him from uncertainty and the unknown. But a series of peculiar events shows him things from a different perspective and forces him to face a major life decision. A Greek filmmaker's feature debut enters a mysterious domain of existence in a neo-noir style.

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