Bandits in Search of Mom

Picture Bandits in Search of Mom

Bandits in Search of Mom

Original title: Banditi u potrazi za mamom
Director: Kosta Ristić
Cast: Kristijan Garip, Edin Arifi, Sunita Garip, Erman Garip, Đorđo Ivanović, Simbad Beriša, Emina Dema, Dina Arifi, Robert Masini, Emanuel Šerifović, Senad Đorđević, Yasar Shirzad
Country: Serbia
Year of production: 2018
Length (min): 70
Language: Romanian, Serbian
Subtitles: English
Sales: Platforma
Section: New Europe

A childhood like Tom Sawyer's lived in the nooks and streets of Belgrade. After their mother and other relatives left them, four siblings become homeless and end up in the world of adults with a similar fate. The children soon join a gang of pickpockets, but during a failed theft, three of them end up in an institution for juvenile delinquents. The oldest sibling does not give up and tries to find a way to free the others on his own.

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