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Made in USA

There is more to US cinema than studio productions and superficial, profit-driven entertainment. Dozens of noteworthy low-key projects displaying uncommon creative potential also come out every year. The Made in USA section is dedicated to just such American independent films boasting authorial vision and direction and a specific view of their dramatic or comedic characters and fictional worlds. This year’s genre-diverse selection delivers a view of the flipside of the Hollywood coin. Instead of comic-book heroes with superhuman powers saving the planet, it maps the lives of real American heroes who, despite disadvantages and shortcomings, pursue their dreams, passions and desire for authenticity to save just one life. Their own.

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Pocta: Alba Rohrwacher

Pocta: Eran Riklis

Pocta: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Pocta: Jeroen Krabbé

Pocta: John Madden

Pocta: Kim Novak

Pocta: Mike Downey

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Soutěž "I ty jsi filmařem"

Soutěž Nová Evropa

Světla severu

Cinema from northern countries is an integral part of Febiofest and has many fans in the Czech Republic, and not just because of its idiosyncratic humour and dark thrillers. A section focused on the best films produced in the previous year in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Thanks to their genre diversity, cinema’s northern lights are shining brighter than ever.

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