VR Cinema – One ticket, three films!

8. 9. 2021, 15:00
MFF Praha - Febiofest

This year’s Prague IFF – Febiofest will bring a brand new programme section: VR Cinema.

Virtual reality films will be shown during the festival weekend, 17-19 September 2021, in the special VR screening room at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. Each of the three thematic blocs – Art, Anima and Docu – consists of three short films. Visitors need only one ticket for each bloc, though!

ART VR: This selection of art films will take you into fantastical worlds – be it among “human” spiders, on board of a hypnotic spaceship, or into the depths of Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Odyssey 1.4.9 / François Vautier / France, 2020 / 8 min

Recoding Entropia / François Vautier / France, 2020 / 8 min

Hominidae / Brian Andrews / USA, 2020 / 7 min

ANIMA VR: Three animated films in the Anima section will take you to an American school, to an island in the Philippines, and then all the way to space. The films are without dialogue, so even the youngest of our audience can enjoy them.

Upstander / Van Phan / USA, 2020 / 9 min

Lutaw / Samantha Quick / USA, Philippines, 2020 / 8 min

Aripi / Dmitri Voloshin / Moldova, 2019 / 8 min

DOCU VR: Since the dawn of the VR era, there has been a wealth of documentary films made for this medium. Our VR headset will transport you to a group of young South African artists, to a traditional Cuban ritual, or to visit a dreamy American pensioner…

The Curious Life of Bill Mont / Katrina Sorrentino, Andrea Patiño Contreras / USA, Canada, 2020 / 9 min

Bembé / Marcos Louit, Patricia Diaz / Cuba / 2020 / 14 min

Gr8ness / Michael Ilako, Isa Paul Mohamed / South Africa, 2020 / 7 min

Vesmírná odysea 1.4.9 / François Vautier / France, 2020 / 8 min

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