Picture Gr8ness


Original title: Gr8ness
Director: Michael Ilako, Isa Paul Mohamed
Cast: Ethan Cairns, Al Luke, Shuaib Philander
Year of production:
Length (min): 5
Section: VR

This film will be screened as a part of DOCU VR with the following films: The Curious Life of Bill Mont, Bembé; This screening is not accessible with the festival accreditation.; Only in English

Ethan could have ended up like many others who have dropped out of school and become homeless. Just like the roughly 40% of teenagers who face this fate in South Africa, according to statistics. Instead, he decided to try to be different. He started skateboarding and writing his own rap music. The inspiring film was created to open up opportunities for young people to work in creative professions that are still underdeveloped in South Africa.

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