Febiofest boasts two international premieres

23. 9. 2020, 13:37
Febiofest 2020

This year’s Prague IFF – Febiofest is playing host to two international premieres. For the first time viewers outside their mother countries can watch the Canadian mystery thriller We Had it Coming and the Italian drama The Lamb, which is being personally presented by director Mario Piredda. Both pictures are being screened on Wednesday.

We Had it Coming offers an original perspective on the debate about the status of women in society and equality. The film’s young protagonist sets out to find the shepherd and murderer responsible for the apparent suicide of her sister. On the trail of revenge she must face anonymous, faceless men and mysterious women, who try to draw the vulnerable girl into a life of crime. “Director Paul Barbeau is a talented filmmaker and also a leading Canadian producer. He has been involved in, for instance, Pieces of a Woman, for which Vanessa Kirby recently won a best actress prize in Venice,” said Zuzana Černá of Febiofest’s Programme Department.

The Lamb, the feature debut of successful shorts director Mario Piredda, tells the story of 16-year-old Anita, who attempts to iron out a family dispute and so save her father. It is set in Sardinia but the themes are universal: the eternal struggle between the individual and the public, the power of one’s roots, the cost of progress. Anita becomes the voice of her entire community. “It’s a delicate portrait of a very strong female protagonist, who is played brilliantly by a non-actress,” said Zuzana Černá.

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