The Lamb

Original title: L'Agnello
Director: Mario Piredda
Cast: Michele Atzori, Luciano Curreli
Country: Italy
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 97
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English, Czech
Sales: TVCO
Section: Generation
Sponsors: Italský kulturní institut v Praze

International premiere

Sixteen-year-old Anita's teenage years are hard – her mother died of leukemia and her father Jacopo desperately needs a bone-marrow transplant, but the waiting time is several months. Neither Anita nor her grandpa Tonino, a shepherd living close to the local military base, can be the donors. The only hope seems to be her father's brother Gaetano who, ever since a spat in the past, refuses to communicate with Jacopo. Will Anita's spunky character overcome the feud between the men and maybe save her father?

Mario Piredda

The Italian director from Sardinia got famous with his second short film Io sono qui (2011) which won over fifty awards at festivals worldwide. A casa mia (2017) earned him a David di Donatello award for the best short film. The Lamb is his feature debut.

With support

Italský kulturní institut v Praze

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