Authentic drama on 16mm

22. 9. 2020, 17:52
Febiofest 2020

“Thanks for coming to an art film at the present time. I really appreciate it and will let the makers know,” said Czech co-producer Jordi Niubó as he welcomed viewers to the film Oroslan, before sharing a number of interesting facts about this sensitive drama that demonstrates that each person can by the basis for a story.

“The movie was shot on 16mm film, completely, which doesn’t much happen these days. So the makers had to carefully weigh up what material they used it on,” the producer said. Oroslan represents his first cooperation with the Slovenian film STARAGARA, which was set up by filmmakers from the Slovenian New Wave. “It has opened the doors to a new generation of talents, to which Matijaž Ivanišin definitely belongs,” said Niubó.

Ivanišin had previously made two documentaries and Oroslan is his feature debut. “But you can feel the documentary in it. It’s so authentic that you have the sense you’re a witness to something that really happened. But I won’t give more away,” said Niubó, concluding his introduction. Viewers can learn more at the Prague IFF – Febiofest or in Czech cinemas from 1 October. 

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