Advertising agency in the spotlight in online series

28. 3. 2019, 16:27
Febiofest 2019

Back to Square One, a comedy about an advertising agency, was originally conceived as a theatre play. However, in the end it became an online series that, following the screening of some parts in Febiofest’s TV Now section, you will find every week on MALL.TV. Three episodes were made from Jaroslav Žváček’s scripts by Jan Prušinovský and three by his FAMU classmate Vladimír Škultéty.

“We divided up the episodes in a natural way, on the basis of what we enjoyed most. It was a generous offer from Jan. With the exception of a few details he approved all the changes I suggested. We agreed that when he was directing I’d be on the set. He put the train in motion and I kept it running. What’s more, Jan has been filming with a regular team for a long time, so it was easy and pleasant work,” said Škultéty.

The lead roles of three creatives were played by Kryštof Hádek, Eliška Křenková and Jan Strejcovský, who is known for his role in Bear With Us. “Jan is studying documentary making and is only now beginning to shine as an actor. He has amusing delivery – he just needed to control it a bit. He understood that Jan Prušinovský likes it when actors offer their own ideas and his character of a graphic designer is quite absurd. But sometimes he let rip a little too much,” said Škultéty.

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