The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall

Original title: The Great Green Wall
Director: Jared P. Scott
Cast: Inna Modja, Songhoy Blues, Didier Awadi
Country: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 90
Language: English, French, Bambara, Tigrinya, Hausa
Subtitles: English, Czech
Sales: Wazabi Films
Section: Docs

Malian musician and activist Inna Modja takes the audience on an epic journey along the future Great Green Wall of Africa. It is an ambitious project which aims to build a green strip across the whole width of the continent to renew the soil and ensure a future for millions of people. This documentary about the inspiring initiative that could help solve one of the 21st century's greatest challenges was made under the patronage of the Oscar-nominated producer Fernando Meirelles.

Jared P. Scott

The American director has made numerous documentaries which have won many awards, triggered worldwide discussions and helped raise awareness of current issues. Together with Noam Chomsky, he made Requiem for the American Dream, a documentary which served as the basis for a bestselling book. His film The Age of Consequences earned him an Emmy nomination.

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