Expedition Amelia

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Expedition Amelia

Original title: Expedition Amelia
Director: Chad Cohen
Cast: Robert Ballard
Country: United States
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 95
Language: Czech
Sales: Channels cz
Section: Docs
Sponsors: Americké centrum

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The name of Amelia Earhart is synonymous with adventure, courage, and enigma. When one of the most famous pioneers of aviation disappeared under mysterious circumstances, many questions and conspiracy theories cropped up around her death. What happened during Amelia's last flight? In cooperation with the National Geographic, explorer and underwater archaeologist Bob Ballard, who also discovered the wreck of the Titanic, decided to solve the enigma of her disappearance once and for all.

Chad Cohen

The American screenwriter, director, producer and National Geographic correspondent makes scientific and educational documentaries. His themes revolve mainly around humans as individuals, and humanity and civilization in general. He cooperates with many television stations and scientific institutions. His Incredible Human Machine documentary won an Emmy award.

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