Secret of Retropolis

Secret of Retropolis

Original title: Secret of Retropolis
Director: Eyal Geva
Country: Israel
Year of production: 2021
Length (min): 60
Section: VR

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No humans live in Retropolis anymore, only strange (more or less functional) robots, but they strongly resemble their human predecessors. Criminal elements are on the rampage in the city, and the viewer, as the robot detective Philip Log, must bring them down. This VR project blurs the line between film and a classic gaming adventure game. It’s a playful and satirical homage to film noir and dystopian sci-fi epics.

Eyal Geva

The Israeli artist founded the independent studio Peanut Button. Together with her two colleagues, she decided to work on projects in which she worked with motifs from old films and computer games. Secret of Retropolis is her first project.

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