Picture Cosmogonic


Original title: Cosmogonic
Director: Paweł Szarzyński
Country: Poland
Year of production: 2022
Length (min): 8
Section: VR

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On the planet Actinuria, a colony of giant robots lives, ruled over by the terrifying King Archithorius. His mind is consumed by a constant paranoia that a conspiracy is afoot against him. Therefore, he decides to outfit everyone with special uranium armour that will cause an explosion if groups of robots gather together. Stanislaw Lem’s science fiction short story in VR is a fitting parable about the current crisis of democracy and the growing radicalization of the ruling elites.

Paweł Szarzyński

Animátor a grafický designér se dlouho pohyboval primárně na reklamním poli a spolupracoval se společnostmi jako Prodigous, FCB, National Geographic či Discovery Channel. Je držitelem cen European Design.

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