Recoding Entropia

Picture Recoding Entropia

Recoding Entropia

Original title: Recoding Entropia
Director: François Vautier
Country: France
Year of production: 2020
Length (min): 8
Section: VR

This film will be screened as a part of ART VR with the following films: Odyssey 1.4.9., Hominidae; This screening is not accessible with the festival accreditation.; Only in English

The metaphorical abstract film plunges us into a galactic environment alongside a giant cube that resembles a spaceship. The vessel is a symbol of stability and power, yet it gradually begins to disintegrate into hundreds of steel plates that threaten and, in a way, hypnotize us. Are we dead? Have we reached the end of our spiritual journey? And can new life be born from the fragments of the universe?

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