Picture Hominidae


Original title: Hominidae
Director: Brian Andrews
Cast: Phyllis E. Griffin, Emily Weems, Luis Antonio Mora
Year of production:
Length (min): 6
Section: VR

This film will be screened as a part of ART VR with the following films: Odyssey 1.4.9., Recording Entropia; This screening is not accessible with the festival accreditation.; Only in English

Arachnid Hominid is a unique new species created from X-ray images by filmmaker Brian Andrews – a cross between a spider and a human. In this visually experimental film, we follow – through an X-ray filter – the story of a hominid mother trying to protect her offspring in a hostile environment. The genre non-conformist film, lying at the intersection of horror and family drama, is a follow-up to the short animated film Hominid from 2012.

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