TV Now

TV NOW Television production has become one of the film industry's most progressive sectors in recent years. Finding one's bearingin TV show production is not only a current trend, but almost a necessity among film buffs and critics. The mode of TV show narrative, the style and form of consumption are changing incredibly quickly and watching television has become not only a leisure activity, but also a professional discipline. These works therefore deserve increasingly frequent attention on the big screen thanks to their formal and content qualities. Febiofest's new section,TV Now, is starting its first year with a focus on diverse local production. It features the pre-premiere of a new sitcom web series by Mall.TV internet TV, the visually captivating sequel to Detektivové od Nejsvětější trojice (Detectives from the Holy Trinity), and a TV film from the Jak si nepokazit život (How Not to Ruin Your Life) cycle by Czech Television.