Film sections 2018

Asijský pohled

Every year, this curated selection from across the continent of Asia presents noteworthy and surprising films that have enjoyed success at major festivals, work by exceptional auteurs alongside genre and historical movies, and pictures that represent the important cinema of China, South Korea, Japan and India. A section not only intended for aficionados of foreign cultures, world travellers and aspiring kung fu fighters.

Central Park

Distribution premieres, pre-premieres, Czech premieres, comedies, historical dramas, melodramas, road movies and star leads. In a nutshell, many high-quality films with the potential to reach broad audiences come together in this section named after the famous New York landmark. It attracts people of all ages, professions and interests, families with children, sporty types and romantics. Central Park is aimed at all viewers and should win over not just regular festival-goers but also those attending Febiofest for the first time.

Culinary Cinema

For the fifth time festival-goers can relish Culinary Cinema, an extraordinary dining and film experience in which screenings are combined with top class dinners. Projections at CineStar Praha – Anděl are followed by dinner served at the Delight restaurant in the adjacent Vienna House Andel’s Prague hotel, meaning that in one evening visitors can enjoy a carefully selected film and savour a menu inspired by the picture in question prepared by top chefs. The section presents Constructing Albert, a documentary about a Spanish master chef, Tazzeka, a drama infused with the aromas and tastes of Moroccan cuisine, and La Grande Bouffe, a digitally restored cult classic.


Following the success of a pilot project two years ago, the festival’s only purely documentary section is expanding. Alongside the best of contemporary music films, it also now includes viewer-friendly documentaries focused on film, art and social themes. These docs provide fresh and interesting perspectives from the animal and human realms, the jungle and infinite space, art galleries and sports fields.

Febiofest Junior


This children and youth section showcases titles aimed at adolescent viewers, schools and families with children. In recent years its films for teens have explored themes such as the influence and impact that social networks have on life, how people are perceived by friends, the image created by such platforms and the potential dangers of “sharing”.

Made in USA

There is more to US cinema than studio productions and superficial, profit-driven entertainment. Dozens of noteworthy low-key projects displaying uncommon creative potential also come out every year. The Made in USA section is dedicated to just such American independent films boasting authorial vision and direction and a specific view of their dramatic or comedic characters and fictional worlds. This year’s genre-diverse selection delivers a view of the flipside of the Hollywood coin. Instead of comic-book heroes with superhuman powers saving the planet, it maps the lives of real American heroes who, despite disadvantages and shortcomings, pursue their dreams, passions and desire for authenticity to save just one life. Their own.


New works by well-known and acclaimed directors whose previous works have made their mark on contemporary cinema but who still have a great deal to say. This section, dedicated to auteurs and directors who are not afraid to make genre movies, was established in 2017, when Febiofest appointed new artistic directors.

Noční cirkus

Some animals don’t go to sleep at night, instead waking at twilight to head out in search of entertainment. Febiofest also has a range of films for them. Gory zombie horrors, post-apocalyptic dramas and arty action movies featuring broken arms and bullet-shattered shoulders, as well as incorrect humour. These films defy genre, style or diagnosis. You’ll laugh, you’ll be afraid and in either case you may cringe. But one thing is certain: the selection is guaranteed to keep late-night viewers wide awake and on the edge of their seats.

Nová Evropa

The festival’s traditional competition section comprises debut works by upcoming directors from European states that are conceptually and formally daring. Films that provoke, reflect and express a specific view of the world we live in and the relationships we experience today. Some of them have taken their concepts to other countries, some focus purely on playful fantasy and some capture their peers, documentary-style. There is no doubt that each of the filmmakers selected – even though they are just starting out – has delivered a distinctive, worthwhile work. Some have been lauded and discovered by different festivals, while others are still awaiting acclaim.

Ozvěny Balkánu

One of Febiofest’s defining sections is focused on a region known for a mix of characteristic absurd humour and alcohol-fuelled music and dance, as well as ever-present memories of a war whose wounds have not yet healed.


A cross section of the most noteworthy and freshest pictures from around the world. Pictures whose directors display genuine formal daring and modern dexterity as well as mature vision and incontestable talent. Films from international festivals that Czech viewers shouldn’t miss and films that provoke and deliver fresh perspectives.

Profil: Arnaud Desplechin

Profil: Daniela Kolářová

Profil: Kornél Mundruczó

Profil: Leos Carax

Queer Now

The Czech Republic’s longest-running festival section dedicated to LGBT themes. Topical issues and perspectives, intimate stories and films exploring historical milestones. One of Febiofest’s best-attended sections.

Světla severu

Cinema from northern countries is an integral part of Febiofest and has many fans in the Czech Republic, and not just because of its idiosyncratic humour and dark thrillers. A section focused on the best films produced in the previous year in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Thanks to their genre diversity, cinema’s northern lights are shining brighter than ever.