IFF Prague – Febiofest announces new festival dates

29. 3. 2022, 11:27
MFF Praha - Febiofest

This year's 29th edition will take place on April 28 – May 4

The organizers of the International Film Festival Prague – Febiofest, taking into account the current situation, have decided to change this year's festival dates by a few days: the 29th edition will take place on April 28 – May 4. The main festival venue remains, similarly to the last year's edition, at Cinema City Slovanský dům in downtown Prague, with screenings in selected sections and masterclasses taking place at the following cinemas around the city: Kino Pilotů, Ponrepo, Edison Filmhub, and others. After the main program comes to an end, Febiofest will head to regions outside of Prague.

As part of this year's programme at IFF Prague – Febiofest, you may once again expect the special and very popular section Culinary Cinema, a combination of the latest cinema with unique culinary experience. The winners of the 29th IFF Prague – Febiofest will be selected not only by a professional jury, but also by the audience jury. A member of this jury may become any film fan who is over 15 years old. Simply register yourself on the festival website www.febiofest.cz by midnight of April 16. 33 jury members, chosen from those registered by the festival's honorary president Fero Fenič, will watch and mark films in the Comedy Competition. As usually, the chairperson of the audience jury is a well-known personality, and this year, this chair will be given to Michal Suchánek.

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