Prague IFF – Febiofest Regions Tour announced!

2. 9. 2021, 00:00
MFF Praha - Febiofest

Just like in previous years, Prague IFF – Febiofest will venture outside of the capital after the end of the core programme.

Some of the most intense encounters with current world cinema will be offered to viewers in Prostějov, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, České Budějovice, Brno, Beroun, Děčín, Zlín, Liberec a Ostrava. The official closing film in Ostrava will be Karel, a feature-length documentary which has been shown only a handful of times so far.

Prostějov / 30 September – 1 October / Kino Metro70

Hradec Králové / 29-30 September / Bio Central

Olomouc / 21 September / Metropol

České Budějovice / 20-22 September / Kino Kotva

Beroun / 29 September – 1 October / Městské kino Beroun

Děčín / 26-28 September / Kino Sněžník

Brno / 27-29 September / Cinema City Velký Špalíček

Zlín / 30 September – 1 October / Golden Apple Cinema

Liberec / 24-25 September / Kino Varšava

Ostrava / 7-9 October / Kino Etáž

The 2021 Regions Tour will present remarkable films from the festival selection and distribution programme, including:

The intimate adventure drama about a father-daughter duo A Minute of Eternity, shot by Rudolf Havlík in the extreme conditions of Iceland’s wilderness. The new comedy Rifkin's Festival by legendary director and screenwriter Woody Allen, which tells the story of his greatest love – the magic of the silver screen. The new Czech-Slovak coproduction film Kryštof, directed by Zdeněk Jiráský, which deals with faith, hope and sacrifice. The horror Saint Maud by author and director Rose Glass, about a devout nurse dangerously set on saving the soul of a dying patient. And French filmmaker Charlène Favier’s feature debut Slalom tells the story of talented fifteen-year-old Lyz, who is training with a tough former champion to become a professional skier star.

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