25. 5. 2021, 11:44
MFF Praha – Febiofest


Film fans can now get these attractive and practical products to sweeten the wait for the 28th IFF Prague – Febiofest. This year, the popular festival will take place on 17-24 September at the Slovanský dům palace in the heart of Prague, with festival “echoes” in other regions to follow soon after. All merchandise is available on the online art market 2market.cz.

Festival tees are offered in classic black and white versions, both decorated with the beautiful black-and-yellow Febiofest design. The colours, high-quality cut and original print will make these a staple of your wardrobe, appreciated by film fans and everyone else.

IFF Prague – Febiofest socks

Czechs love their socks (preferably worn with sandals), and IFF Prague – Febiofest socks are especially lovable. They come in an original black-and-yellow design and are produced by the high-quality Czechoslovak brand Fusakle – which makes them the perfect choice for all fans of film, fashion and/or great local brands.

IFF Prague – Febiofest notebook

This original notebook is full of film-related memories, one-liners, cult film dialogues and sidenotes. Made in a compact size and accompanied by a pencil, it is the perfect notebook to take everywhere with you to jot down your ideas and visions. This unique sustainable notebook, designed by Deafmessanger, is made in Prague from recycled materials.

Aviator sunglasses

Who wouldn’t want to jump straight into the classic action world of TOP GUN, put on some aviator sunglasses and feel that they can achieve just about anything? These exclusive Febiofest aviators will give you exactly this sensation, while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The sunglasses come with a textile protective cover.

Basic sunglasses

This universal sunglass design just looks great on everyone. These sunglasses will protect your eyes, but they’ll also help you broaden your film horizons. The more conservative and minimalist among us will grab the classic black design, while more extravagant personalities will love the famous Febiofest yellow version.

Cotton tote bag

This film tote made from 100% OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified cotton in a practical black design with yellow print will carry all your film experiences and everyday necessities. Keep it handy, support the festival and protect the planet.

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