What’s life like for spiders in Slovakia?

20. 9. 2020, 17:13
Febiofest 2020

Spiders have eight legs and there are almost 50,000 types of them around the world. But what’s life like for Slovak spiders? Specifically the spider family named The Websters, who live in the corner of the engine room of an elevator? The answer is found in the animated serial The Websters, which the Prague IFF–Febiofest is screening in its Generation section.

“Viewers here will see six parts of the 13 that ČT Déčko broadcast this year. Another six episodes are planned for spring 2022 and we’re also preparing a feature film,” said producer Anna Vášová, who was present. She also pointed out that fans of these spiders can also read their stories, thanks to the Slovart publishing house. Two Websters books, which can also be found at the info stand at Slovanský dům, are already out; a third is expected in the spring.

The screening at Cinema City was also presented by one of the spider’s voice actors, Adam Mišík. “It’s fun dubbing an animated character. You can just follow your imagination,” said the young actor, adding that he only regretted that voice actors don’t meet in the studio.

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