Tickets for the 27th Febiofest are on sale

11. 9. 2020, 12:41
Febiofest 2020

Tickets and accreditations for the 27th IFF Prague - Febiofest are on sale. In addition to tickets for individual screenings available online and at the box offices of Cinema City Slovanský dům, Ponrepo Cinema, Edison Filmhub and Kino Pilotů, fans can purchase three types of accreditation.

Accreditation for 3 days costs CZK 799, for 5 days CZK 1,099 and for 8 days, ie the entire duration of the festival, CZK 1,699. Each accreditation allows the purchase of three tickets per day (two of which can be for the same screening), for accreditations for 3 and 5 days you can choose the specific days of its use.

You can buy an accreditation only at the box office of the Cinema City Slovanský dům. Tickets can be selected immediately after purchasing accreditation at the cinema box office or later online, by inserting the accreditation code into the shopping cart. When entering the cinema, you must always show your accreditation and a valid ticket.

After the screening has started, seats numbers are no longer reserved. Ticket holders will be admitted to the theater but they should take the first open seats with regard to the social-distancing measures.

More information can be found here.

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