Servants win Main Competition

25. 9. 2020, 14:47
MFF Praha – Febiofest

The Slovak-Czech-Romanian-Irish drama Servants triumphed in the Main Competition, which this year was judged by an expert jury for the first time.

The jury had no trouble reaching an unanimous decision on the winning film. “An extremely powerful story told by purely cinematic means, a genuine celebration of film language that at the same time delivers a clear message comprehensible to viewers. All elements of this film are of the highest standards in terms of filmmaking, combining to create a highly compelling, brave and original whole,” they said of the drama, which is about two young seminarians who come under secret police pressure in the early 1980s.

“I have to admit I never expected an award, never mind winning,” said the picture’s director, Ivan Ostrochovský. “More than anything I’m happy that my film was screened at a festival and that viewers had a chance to see it before it enters cinemas. The fact that Servants also won has made my very happy indeed!”

The Main Competition jury, comprising directors Beata Parkanová and Slávek Horák and actress Anna Polívková, had to choose from among five excellent, though completely different, films. “Each of the films made an impact on us, affecting different parts of our personality. That’s why we also decided to bestow a Special Mention. And it was just that award that represented the toughest choice among well-matched films. In the end it went to the film Hope, which won us over with its sensitive telling of a story, with excellent acting performances,” the jury said. 

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