Pre-premiere for Polanski Dreyfus affair film

22. 9. 2020, 16:36
Febiofest 2020

In his latest film, famous Polish director Roman Polanski has returned to the Dreyfus affair. His An Officer and a Spy won the Grand Jury Prize at Venice last year. However, this was not the sole reason that this year’s Prague IFF – Febiofest wished to show the film.

“The film is the story of somebody who comes to terms with his own conscience, because he played a role in the Dreyfus affair, and a story of personal integrity face to face with the majority view. And that theme is also topical today,” said Zuzana Černá of the festival’s Programme Department. She thanked viewers who had come to the cinema to see the film as well as distributors Pilot Film, who in view of the change in Febiofest’s dates held the premiere back until 24 September.

“We selected the film soon after its premiere in Venice, where it sparked a major controversy. Things were even more dramatic in France, where the director was accused of another sexual felony. But we’ll focus on that more at an evening at Kino Pilotů, where a debate about Roman Polanski will be held,” said the director of Pilot Film, Jan Macola

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