2. 3. 2020, 07:00
MFF Praha – Febiofest

The name of the Planet Dark section, which brings together genres such as horror, thriller, true crime and bad taste humour, stems from cooperation with the Planet Dark platform which focuses on these styles. The section’s partner is

After his picture The Road to Mandalay, Burmese director Midi Zhao turned his attention to a completely different genre, psychological thriller, with Nina Wu. The stylised and gripping #metoo-referencing work tells the story of an actress who loses her mind after suffering humiliation and violence on her path to fame.

Director Takashi Miike’s wildly entertaining First Love blends romance, violence and comedy. Miike enjoyed a lot of success with this “Japanese Pulp Fiction” at the Directors’ Fortnight at last year’s Cannes.

Lee Won-tae’s action thriller The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil is a gripping “buddy” crime movie in which a likeable South Korean crime boss is forced to hook up with a prickly police officer in order to catch a serial killer. 

First Love

First Love

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