Ostrava Febiofest opens

2. 10. 2020, 09:54
Febiofest 2020

Another city where a selection of films from the 27th edition of the Prague IFF – Febiofest is being screened is Ostrava. The version of the festival taking place there was launched by Deputy Culture Minister Jiří Vzientek, the director of Febiofest, Kamil Spáčil, and other personalities.

Alongside them, viewers were also welcomed by Martin Tošenovský, director of Creative Academy, which organises the Ostrava part of Febiofest, and Petr Koudela, head of the association Dolní oblast Vítkovice, the complex where the festival is taking place. Well-known actor Štěpán Kozub, who performs with the Ostrava theatre company Mír, also appeared on stage briefly.

Thanks to Febiofest, audiences in Ostrava will see the fresh Czech titles The Silent Companion and Cook F**k Kill, the Polish hit Corpus Christi and Roman Polanski’s new film An Officer and a Spy. The programme also contains the winner of the Comedy Competition, Call Mom! and the pictures that were recognised in the Main Competition, the dramas Servants and Hope.

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