New section and platform not only for women: Girls in Film showcases female directors

12. 2. 2020, 08:00
MFF Praha – Febiofest

Girls in Film showcases female directors. New section and platform not only for women.

In cooperation with the Girls in Film platform, the festival will showcase new works by the emerging generation of female directors. Founded in London by Nikola Vašáková, Girls in Film supports the presentation of female directors and other filmmakers. Via curated events including screenings, lectures and interviews with noteworthy women in the industry, it offers a forum for public presentation and a meeting place, not only for women. 

Mira Fornay to present new film Cook, F**k, Kill

A family story about a day in the life of Jaroslav K., who is fighting for his children – not only with his wife and his domineering mother, but also with his own dark side and demons. The protagonist, played by Jaroslav Plesl, is forced to sacrifice more than he had anticipated on his metaphoric journey structured like a computer game. Slovak screenwriter and director Mira Fornay, a FAMU graduate, has a number of festival hits to her name. A decade ago, Foxes earned her a Discovery of the Year prize at Slovak Film and Television Academy Awards Sun in a Net, while with My Dog Killer she won the Best Film, Director and Screenplay in 2014. Cook, F**k, Kill will be screened in both the Eastern Delights and Girls in Film sections. 

Cook, F**k, Kill

Cook, F**k, Kill

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