Jack London brings Main Competition to close

24. 9. 2020, 17:23
Febiofest 2020

The final Main Competition film at Prague IFF – Febiofest screened at Cinema City at Slovanský dům was Martin Eden. “The film you’re about to see premiered in the competition at Venice last year and ranks among the most exceptional films of the last year. Our aim is after all to present you with the best of what’s on offer at present,” said the festival’s programme director, Nikolaj Nikitin.

“Readers will know probably know the title. It’s based on a novel by one of the greatest American writers, Jack London. And the whole film delivers a message that I approve, which is that education is still one of the biggest investments you can make,” said Nikitin.

Lead Luca Marinelli immersed himself in the main role completely and was rewarded in Berlin with a prize for best actor. “On his behalf and behalf of the whole crew, I’d like to thank you for coming to see this film on the big screen, where it belongs,” Nikitin told the audience.

You will find out who has won the Main Competition on Thursday evening. There will be a stream of the closing ceremony on the festival’s Facebook.

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