Czech help for Romanian guard at Spanish car park

23. 9. 2020, 15:00
Febiofest 2020

The film Parking, which received eight nominations in the Romanian Film Academy’s annual awards, is a Czech co-production. For that reason its Czech premiere at the Prague IFF – Febiofest was attended by producers Ondřej Zima and Pavel Berčík of Evolutions Film and Lukáš Moudrý from Studio Beep, who served as sound designer on the film.

“We’d like to thank the Film Fund for support and to thank Febiofest for showing the film. But most of all we’d like to thank you viewers for coming to the cinema,” Pavel Berčík told the audience. The film’s Romanian director Tudor Giurgiu also addressed those present, via a video message. “I’m sorry that I can’t be there with you. I spent time in Prague during the sound mix and I enjoyed it a lot,” he said.

Parking is based on a successful autobiography by Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari, who also worked on the screenplay. “It’s an immigrant’s story, but a rather unusual one. The protagonist wants to discover himself again, to learn a new language and to get to know a new culture,” said Giurgiu, introducing a film about a Romanian man who lives in Spain as a car park night watchman and falls in love with a Spanish musician.

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