Clerics share insights into Oscar-nominated drama

21. 9. 2020, 17:37
Febiofest 2020

The drama Corpus Christi, about a youth from a reform facility who passes himself off as a priest in a small Polish town, was a box office success in Poland and also made a splash internationally, receiving an Oscar nomination this year. Jan Komasa’s film was screened at the Prague IFF–Febiofest in a pre-premiere, followed by a special debate. The speakers were journalist Lukáš Jirsa, nun Angelika Pintířová, priest, Dominican and vice-dean of the Catholic Teaching Faculty at Charles University Benedikt Mohelník and Dominican priest Jindřich Poláček.

“The truth sets us free, but it’s a casualty,” is how Angelika Pintířová summed up the film’s main theme. “God took the protagonist Daniel at his word, fulfilled his wish and then he discovered it was no joke. The director expressed Daniel’s awareness of this well in artistic terms,” said the nun, who herself works at a reform school, of the story of a young man who changes his identity for a while. “I would take the boys to the film – at least the ones capable of thinking about the film.”

For Benedikt Mohelník the key dialogue in the film was the line “holy water doesn’t get dirty but putrefies”. For Jindřich Poláček the themes of reconciliation and mercy were most resonant. Both clerics agreed that the hero of Corpus Christi was a great preacher. “He speaks about what he’s been through himself. And people appreciate authenticity,” said Poláček.

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