28th Prague IFF - Febiofest will happen in April

15. 10. 2020, 12:06
Febiofest 2020

One week after the end of the regional part of the 27th Prague IFF - Febiofest, the organizers announced the date of the next year's film festival. If the pandemic allows it, we will invite you to the 28th IFF Prague - Febiofest in Cinema City Slovanský dům in April next year, specifically from 29 April to 7 May 2021.

"This year proved that culture – of which films are an essential part – is necessary, that it is lives and will do whatever the circumstances. Though it’s not possible to guess what changes still await us, I can promise now that lovers of high-quality films are not going to lose their festival!” said IFF Prague's director Kamil Spáčil. The 27th Febiofest took place in Prague from 18 to 25 September.

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