Thriller transforms Febiofest audience into sorcerers

28. 3. 2019, 18:10
Febiofest 2019

The mysterious thriller Sorcerer juxtaposes a number of intertwining stories and leaves it up to each viewer to conjure up their own experience. “I didn’t create this film this evening – you did. All of you are sorcerers,” director Sebastian Brauneis said during a Q&A at Febiofest, adding that he hoped his debut didn’t cause viewers nightmares but instead encouraged them to realise everybody deserves a different perspective and second look.

The film is visually and aurally captivating. “Today, when communication is being destroyed, one of the aims of the film is to define space, internal and external. Music helps us to digest emotions better and also moves the film forward – it helped me to shape the structure,” said the Austrian filmmaker.

Brauneis also pointed out that the opening titles make it clear what the film is about. “Fire, one of the elements, is transformed with human influence into electric radiation, which we haven’t fully understood but still use. To paraphrase Nietzsche: the longer we stare at our mobile phones, the more our mobiles will stare at us.”

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