Febiofest supports new National Film Museum

24. 3. 2019, 20:36

This year’s Febiofest has become the charity partner of the National Film Museum NaFilM, which recently opened in the Mozarteum building in Prague’s public garden Františkánská zahrada. By buying a ticket for CZK 139 for selected screenings you are supporting NaFilM to the tune of CZK 40. The museum’s founders and operators, Adéla Mrázová and Terezie Křížkovská, will be particularly grateful to you.

“Part will go on rent and part on exhibits that we haven’t got around to making yet. We’re planning a moving projector that will be dedicated to editing. It’ll make it possible for visitors to try editing 16mm film themselves. They’ll decide how they want a scene to look. They’ll realise that editing used to be mechanical and how it can influence the form of a film,” say Mrázová and Křížkovská about how they will plan to make use of the money donated.

Alongside financial assistance they appreciate Febiofest’s help in drawing attention to the National Film Museum. “It always helps us most when people talk about us. We ask every visitor where they’ve heard about us and that’s how we know that word of mouth works best. Sharing and rating the project online is more powerful than putting money into advertisements,” says Mrázová.

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