Febiofest presents the winning film By a Sharp Knife in Ostravad, Mikulov and Liberec

8. 4. 2019, 00:53
MFF Praha - Febiofest

Echos of Febiofest present the winning film By a Sharp Knife in Ostrava, Mikulov and Liberec

Regional echos of Prague IFF - Febiofest in the second week of April offer the winning film of New Europe section By a Sharp knife by Slovak director Teodor Kuhn. The tru criminal case happened in Slovakia in 2005. The first feature film by Kuhn reflects the devastated family’s fight for justice, and also the state of Slovak society today.

Teodor Kuhn will present the film on Tuesday April 9 at the opening of the festival at cinema in Mikulov.

Ostrava 8. – 10. 4. Kino Art

Mikulov 9. 4. – 11. 4. Městské kino Mikulov

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