Detectives from the Holy Trinity on the case in Monsters of the Shore

30. 3. 2019, 12:06
Febiofest 2019

The Detectives from the Holy Trinity team are back and they’ve got a new case. However, it is 30 years old and was solved by the police long ago. The fourth series in the Czech Television cycle, entitled Monsters of the Shore, is based on a screenplay by Petr Jarchovský and was filmed by Viktor Tauš, like the previous Blue Shadows. After its premiere in Febiofest’s TV Now section the first episode will be screened on ČT1 on Sunday evening.

“Each story is told on the bedrock of a different genre. Monsters of the Shore is an investigative detective story in the Conan Doyle style that is set in two time periods. The way I tell it is like a ballad about people who have repressed memories, who have forgotten the evil they faced. And we follow the results of such repression – what it does to a person and to the whole society,” said Tauš, who added that detective stories are his “favourite platform on which to communicate important things to the broadest group of viewers.”

The lead role of Commissioner Výrová is again played by Klára Melíšková. “I’ve been living with Marie for five years and I like her a lot,” said the actress, who enjoys collaborating with Tauš. “Viktor and I have a connection, we’re on the same wavelength and we often don’t need to even say things out loud. Viktor throws himself into everything and I’ve got the same approach.”

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