Lauri Randla

Lauri Randla photo

Director Lauri Randla has a BA and MA in film directing from Aalto University/ELO Film School in Finland. His filmography to date consists of several short films, among them "Mausoleum" (2016, 26 minutes), which has won several international awards: best foreign film at 2016 Toronto Short film festival, Audience prize ShortCuts Bucharest in Romania, Best Baltic film at Scanorama festival in Vilnius and was nominated as best short film in Estonian Film and Television awards EFTA. His first full length feature, "Good Bye Soviet Union", premiered in Finland in summer of 2020, and won an audience prize at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Good bye Soviet Union is presumably the first feature film in Ingrian-Finnish dialect. Randla was born in Tartu, ESSR, USSR and migrated to Finland in 1991. He is half Estonian and half Ingrian-Finnish. 

At the 28th Prague IFF – Febiofest, the director Lauri Randla will present his film Goodbye Soviet Union, which will compete, along with five other films, for the Comedy Competition price.